Five Elements Massage

This personalized massage applied by our massage therapists aims to improve blood flow as well as reduce muscle tension and stress.

Healing Deep Tissue Massage

This massage slowly applies deep pressure to connective tissues to relieve tissues and nerve endings as well as help with chronic pains, limited range of motion, bad posture, chronic muscle spasms, and Fibromyalgia.

Inner Peace Massage

A combination of Swedish, Aromatherapy, and Shiatsu massages, this massage uses a mixture of Ylang Ylang and natural oils to clear energy channels, concluding with an exotic floral-scented head massage.

Foot Massage

A reflection of the Eastern science of wellness, this massage dates back hundreds of years. This energizing massage applies finger pressure to improve blood flow and awaken reflexes for a sense of relief.

Aromatic Healing Back Massage

This massage therapy uses a strong aromatherapeutic blend of bay leaf, rosemary, lavender, and lemon eucalyptus, focusing on the back, neck, and shoulders to alleviate stress and relieve muscle tension.

Express Treatment

The perfect choice for our time-pressed guests, this treatment consists of a cleansing routine, followed by a special mask geared towards the needs of your skin, a tonic, and a moisturizer.

Soothing Foot Treatment

This treatment consists of a soothing foot rub, a nourishing mask, and a massage, all of which work together to ensure total relaxation for your feet.

Soothing Hand Treatment

This treatment relaxes, softens, and smooths your hands with a peeling treatment, a nourishing mask, and a massage.

Refreshing Cold Facial Mask

A treatment that softens and refreshes your skin with the mask best suited to your skin type.


You are welcome to use the sauna and resting area at our Spa Center.